Trenchline Pipe Repair

Trenchline Pipe Repair

We do Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenching is the process of drilling or digging into the ground to replace damaged piping. It has been used for years to repair or replace sewer lines. But it may not be the best choice for your home or business.

Open trenches usually require significant human labor or medium-heavy machinery, have the potential for creating safety issues, and sometimes the surrounding structures or gardens need to be removed.

There are several benefits to Trenchline Pipe Repair:

  • Labor costs are significantly lower than traditional dig and replace methods.

  • There are no hidden costs with trenchless pipe repair for things like concrete cutting, removal of flooring or tiles, destruction of walls or gardens, reinstatement of everything once the job is finished or unexpected costs that can arise as a result of excavating earth.

  • Little down time (with most jobs being completed in a day)

  • Minimal disruption to business activities, operations or services

  • The longevity of the repair (usually coming with up to 50 years’ warranty)

  • The strength of the repair (CIPP pull in place relining is a structural repair and can be tailored to suit all situations, including bridges, culverts, manholes and under train lines)

  • There is reduced risk to customers and the public

  • There are no chemical residue/hazardous materials involved

  • There are no risks associated with heavy machinery

  • NuFlow has developed a way to install or repair underground pipes, without the need of digging an open trench. Read more about NuFlow.